"Eden's contributions increased performance, efficiency and profits."
--J.R. , Division Manager

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How I Work

Wondering what it means to hire a “Virtual GM”?  It means having a General Manager on your team without the expense of a full-time executive level employee.  A General Manager has the responsibility of getting your operating systems working most efficiently, and I do that work for you, with you and through your employee team.  Here’s how the process works when you are selected as a “Done for You” client:

  • I get to know you and what’s important to you as a business owner.
  • I draft foundational documents for your business that we’ll use to motivate your team.
  • I meet with your team and introduce them to the new environment they’ll be working in.
  • I interview your team to discover where inefficiencies are hiding.
  • I draft an organizational structure that makes sense for your team and finalize the plan with you.
  • I draft job descriptions for your team defining key performance metrics and level of authority.
  • I meet with your team and roll out the job descriptions to set performance expectations.
  • I support you in holding your team accountable to the new expectations.

That’s it!  While I’m working with you, you’ll often hear me refer to “we” as I have become a member of your team, dedicated to your success.  I’ll represent your goals to your team the same way a General Manager would advocate for and defend the goals of the business.  You get over 25 years of GM experience focused on your company with dramatic results.

I guarantee you will be satisfied with your team’s progress in under 90 days, or your money back.  There’s no risk to you, only opportunity, so let’s get started!

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