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Employees perform better when the owner of the company keeps the team thinking about the business mission, the end result that contributes in some small or large way to the betterment of our world and the people in it.

Traditional management strategies rely on the belief that there are “things you just do” and “things that are right.” Unfortunately, workers today do not have any of those beliefs hardwired into their psyches. The 21st Century employee has grown up in an environment where everything is questioned. No image can be trusted not to have been photo-shopped. No authority is without question. No trend can be relied on to demonstrate the best product or service. And to top it all off, these workers have grown up with the hardwired belief that their contribution is equal in value to that of anyone else, no matter their level of experience. So, how do we manage in this new environment? First, we recognize several key truths:

  • People want to do well – they do not leave the house wondering how they can screw up today.
  • You can no longer regulate people into right action, you must inspire them to perform.
  • The structure of strong team dynamics is intentional. It does not happen well by accident.
  • A failure in your team performance is a leadership failure – and that is good news (because you can do something about it)!

This simple framework for success is one that gives everyone in the organization the tools to make right decisions, the desire to act in the best interest of the business and clear focus on achievable goals. We have a proven system for creating intentional culture, setting clear lines of communication and getting your team working together more productively – and we do it all in under 90 days.

Business Management Consulting

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Millennial Management

Rapidly changing markets and constantly shifting technology require the successful business of the future to leverage the contribution of active, engaged and motivated employees. Millennial Management is a strategy to grow business past the inherent limitation of one person’s span of control and to leverage the owner’s vision through the contribution of others.

Why call it Millennial Management? Well first, of course, there’s the need to manage the Millennial generation, and many business owners struggle with translating their business needs into Millennial thinking, but also there’s much to be learned from the Millennial generation; lessons about flexibility, open mindedness and the motivation of the human spirit.

Team members are inspired when the owner of the company is clear about the “why” of the company, the end result that contributes in some small or large way to the betterment of our world and the people in it. They are motivated when clear goals are set and performance is measured against results not actions. They are engaged when there is clear agreement on how we’ll work together, and all players are responsible for holding each other to that agreement.

Our system of six S.I.M.P.L.E. steps will allow you to implement the Millennial Management philosophy quickly and consistently in any privately held company.

Supervisor Training

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Our mission is to bring personal and financial success to your business, through the power of clarity and alignment in your employees, your bookkeeping and your procedures.

"Eden helped me live my best year ever after a complimentary coaching with me last fall. Eden truly gave me a fresh perspective, the confidence to move forward, and helped remove fear that was blocking me from asking for more and believing I am worth it.  I credit Eden with a life-changing moment in my business."

"Thank you Eden for everything you've done! We had a meeting this morning and it was amazing to look at what our staff were saying and their feedback on how everything is going today versus where we were six months ago."

"Eden Lovejoy offers exceptional qualities as a CEO including the capacity for team building - based not only on high-level communication skills including clarity, active listening, focus, and 360 feedback, but also on her ability to engender trust and cooperation in the people she works with. Other areas of particular expertise include her focus on planning, expansion, and the timely delivery of results. Eden is oriented to excellence in planning and outcomes. As a leader, her willingness and ability to bring order out of chaos is one of her most critical competencies. I recommend Eden Lovejoy without reservation."