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6 Revelations of Successful Business Owners

Over the past 30 years, I’ve observed six strategies consistently adopted by successful and happy business owners.  These owners have a dream bigger than what they can accomplish by themselves and they know how to engage employees to reach sales and profit objectives.  Their experience can be summed up in these six revelations:

  1. You cannot regulate people into right action, you must inspire them to perform.
  2. People will always live up (or down!) to your expectations.
  3. The structure of strong team dynamics is intentional. It does not happen well by accident.
  4. The successful company of today will engage its employees at the level of their hearts.
  5. A failure in your team performance is a leadership failure – and that is good news because you can do something about it.
  6. People want to do well – they do not leave the house wondering how they can screw up today.

The consistent theme in all of these priciples is leadership responsibility. The great news is that the company owner has complete ability to get the results they want with their business and their team when

Shared goals and values make a team work!

they put these principles into action. Believe it or not, the framework for implenting these principles are the clear business communication of Mission, Vision and Values.

When we are attracting employees who connect with our Mission, are inspired by our Vision and naturally practice our Values half the battle is won. If you can only do one thing to get your team working well, don’t focus on the tasks, responsibilities or job descriptions, focus on implementing a sound framework and the right team will support you in getting the details done.