"Eden's contributions increased performance, efficiency and profits."
--J.R. , Division Manager

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Increasing Employee Retention

Are you ready to transform your team into a high performing energetic and focused work group that gives you peace of mind, greater profitability, and capacity for growth through management consulting?  With our system of Six S.I.M.P.L.E. steps to a high-performing company culture, you can be confident that your team is making right decisions even when you’re not there, that everyone is keeping your highest priority goals in mind and that your customers are receiving the very best in service each and every day.

And an added bonus!

You’ll be able to attract the best people to your company when you have a clear message about why you’re the best place to work. With a 4% unemployment rate the competition is fierce.  These Six S.I.M.P.L.E. steps will give you the ability to attract and retain only the employees that are the best fit for your business, resulting in increased employee retention.

When you invest with YourBusinessLifestyle.com you’ll get a “done for you” management consulting system that includes clear communications to your team about why their work is important, where you want the company to go and how you’ll work together with each other and with customers to deliver your company promise and realize your dreams.

You’ll quickly be able to easily implement these Six S.I.M.P.L.E. Steps to Success in Your Business and Your Life:

Style: Customers and clients will spend more and employees will work harder when you are clear about YOUR leadership style!

Intent:  Your business will reach new heights and your team will work better with clear vision and shared goals!

Message: Your best customers and most competitive employees will flock to your business when your unique message is clear and consistent!

People:  Watch your company grow and your time free up to focus on your most important strategic goals when you delegate the right level of authority and provide the right incentives to your team!

Leverage: Make more money on every sale and get more out of every employee dollar spent when you consistently leverage time and resources!

Evaluate: Stay in front of the competition in a rapidly changing world with regular review of your company culture and key performance metrics!

Call today to learn about our special introductory offer as we roll out this exciting new program to forward-thinking companies looking for that competitive edge!

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“It’s a pleasure working with you to develop business for my firm!  My staff and I are much more efficient, which increases the capacity we have to take on more clients. I look forward to working with you in the next few months and taking my firm to the next level!”

Cathleen. H., CPA

“Your consulting led to a company-wide transformation that increased performance and efficiency resulting in higher profits.  If you are looking for positive change and transformation leading to increased profitability within your business, consider yourself fortunate to have the competencies and proven abilities of Eden Lovejoy at your service.”

Jeff R., Division Manager

The quality of team building and organization you brought to our meetings was phenomenal.  My business and income have grown substantially because of my work with you. Thank you!

Bonnie S., Coach & Trainer


Special Bonus Opportunity!!

Apply to have your company included in our 2017 results study and receive a bonus coaching package!  We’ll help you track your company’s performance improvements in profitability, customer satisfaction and employee engagement when your company is accepted as a case study.  Call 907-375-8777 to learn more about this opportunity!


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