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Tell Your Company Story

Does your company have a clear story?  Company culture is built around history and stories, stories of difficult times and stories of success will create a sense of camaraderie and fellowship that newcomers will learn over time but never truly internalize without your clear intention.  We can’t create an environment where everybody on the team will always be able to “remember when” but we can create an environment where everyone feels welcome and invited into the culture of the “remember when”.

When you get together for a holiday party or summer barbeque, what is the story that comes up no matter what?  The time the founder forgot an important document on a sales call and pulled the sale out anyway?  The time the warehouse flooded and the crew spent four days on a holiday weekend pulling it all together so customer’s wouldn’t be affected on Monday?  These stories, and stories like them, happen in our companies all the time.  When we get intentional about telling the story clearly and incorporating that into our culture, stories like this have tremendous power to motivate and engage our teams.  Learn more about how you can impact your company culture through the power of stories here:

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