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Welcome to, Inc., a general management service company. We know it can be lonely at the top in a small business, with the responsibility of making payroll, driving sales and keeping everything running smoothly all resting on your shoulders. Our service is designed to relieve some of that burden without the average annual salary of a General Manager in Alaska of over $70,000.

Our founder, Eden Lovejoy, works with clients as a Virtual GM, which means she becomes a member of your team, working for you and your business. A General Manager supports the business owner in planning, delegating, coordinating, staffing, organizing and decision making. Our services provide that executive level of support without the high cost of a full-time General Manager. And of course, our focus is always on the key results of best management practices: productivity, profitability and efficiency.

You can read more about Eden, or scroll down to learn more about why our clients choose our team.

Growing Pains

Many of our clients are experiencing growing pains. If your company has grown to the point where you’ve realized one or more of these things …

  • There is absolutely no time for strategic thinking, everything is in reaction mode.
  • Any more growth will strain your ability to lead effectively unless something changes.
  • There are no systems in place, people are stepping on each other’s toes, it’s confusing.
  • It doesn’t seem to matter who or how many people are hired, the team just can’t get it right.
  • Things go undone, customer service is compromised, there’s a feeling of hopeless frustration.
  • Margins are tight and there’s a suspicion money is being lost through inefficiency.
  • Employees are constantly coming to you for answers to the simplest questions, it feels like being nibbled to death by ducks!

… then you’re in the right place. A Virtual GM offers the very best value in adding seasoned management experience to your team without the need for a full-time executive staff member.

Family Dynamics

If you’re in a family business, you know you have a whole extra layer of personnel dynamics to deal with. When business conversations bring up the patterns of a lifetime it can be hard to get clarity. Sometimes emotions run high, and the stakes are higher for business success when family is involved. When your business relationships look something like this:

49% Owner
Sales Manager
Tech Support

51% Owner
Customer Service Supervisor

You might end up with a conversation where the CEO is responsible for making company goals, but she can’t make the goal because the Sales Manager isn’t holding up their end of the deal and the Sales Manager is frustrated because Customer Service isn’t catching all the calls but Customer Service is frustrated because the phones aren’t working properly. Then they get to go home at night and be husband and wife.

If this kind of back and forth wrangling sounds familiar, then you’re in the right place. A Virtual GM offers management insight into operations with the distance of a neutral party to help facilitate internal tensions, even between family members.

Exit Strategies

It’s never too soon to begin building your business with your exit in mind. But still, most small businesses don’t start working on a real exit strategy until the owner is 3-5 years away from wanting to exit. If you’re beginning to think about your exit, the time to start implementing a strategy is now. And a good deal of your strategy will be the same no matter how you plan to exit (unless you’re planning to shut it down) one thing will be true – the business will need to run without you.

The relationship between a small business and its owner is tangled. From personal expenses that may be paid by the business, to over- or under-compensation to the owner for their role in the company, the owner’s contributions can be difficult to measure and even harder to extract.

Building a culture of clear delegation, clarifying the financial separation between the owner and the business and documenting efficient operating systems will give you options for your exit. Schedule a free consultation today to learn how our team can help you prepare your business for the best possible exit, confidentially!


Our mission is to bring personal and financial success to your business, through the power of clarity and alignment in your employees, your bookkeeping and your procedures.

"Eden helped me live my best year ever after a complimentary coaching with me last fall. Eden truly gave me a fresh perspective, the confidence to move forward, and helped remove fear that was blocking me from asking for more and believing I am worth it.  I credit Eden with a life-changing moment in my business."

"Thank you Eden for everything you've done! We had a meeting this morning and it was amazing to look at what our staff were saying and their feedback on how everything is going today versus where we were six months ago."

"Eden Lovejoy offers exceptional qualities as a CEO including the capacity for team building - based not only on high-level communication skills including clarity, active listening, focus, and 360 feedback, but also on her ability to engender trust and cooperation in the people she works with. Other areas of particular expertise include her focus on planning, expansion, and the timely delivery of results. Eden is oriented to excellence in planning and outcomes. As a leader, her willingness and ability to bring order out of chaos is one of her most critical competencies. I recommend Eden Lovejoy without reservation."