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Why Should I Buy From You?

Are you really telling your customer why they should choose you over everyone else?  Customers today have instant access to every possible competitor on-line.  When in doubt they have an opportunity to do nothing.   To top that off, they’re watching our government shut down and wondering if they can afford to invest anything at all when they don’t know how long or how hard the shutdown will hit the economy.

Today’s market is totally uncertain and hugely competitive, so how do you answer the all-important consumer question: Why Should I Buy From You?  If you’re answering with product features instead of benefits you’re fighting a losing battle!

I’ve been to several marketing and promotion conferences this year and I hear the same thing over and over again, “Ask a business person what they have to offer and they jump right into the details of their stuff and NEVER talk about the what’s in it for me from the customer’s perspective.”  Everybody’s got stuff to sell or trade and if you’re just talking about the stuff, you’ll never connect with your target.  People aren’t motivated by stuff; they’re motivated by what the stuff can do for them.

What problem does your offer solve for your customer or client?  Answer that question and you’re on your way to success!