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Yes, you ARE unique!

In some aspect, some perspective, some way your business is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of the right and perfect customers, and the more right and perfect those customers are, the greater value they will be to your business.  The trick then, is to dial in your message and strategy to fit your target market and preferred price point.

On the scale from commodity (what everyone else is doing) to customization is an earned price point for every product.  Along that same scale is an expectation of customer service, from casual to the highest level of engagement.  As a business owner, not only do you get to choose where you will position yourself, you have a responsibility to choose this position with intention.

When we don’t think this through, we end up with a disconnect between price and perception, and sales fall dramatically.  If we’re accidental about our position, we start to believe that the only way to compete is on price and then we’re in a race to lower our profits faster than the other guy to steal some “market share” on our way down (and possibly out!) to the bottom of the commodity scale.

Take time today to take a fresh look at your market position for yourself, for your team and for your customers.  Is your message consistent?  Do your marketing materials clearly communicate your unique offer?  If not, schedule an afternoon to review how far you’ve come from a clear marketing message and draft a plan of action to get back on track.  Your business will thrive when it reflects your unique perspective.