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Top 3 reasons Business Event Coordinators love booking Eden Lovejoy!

1. Dynamic speaker
Your audience will Laugh, Learn and Be Inspired!

2. A Life-Changing Message
Eden’s great gift is the ability to deliver an idea or concept in a way that resonates with the audience – motivating and empowering others to take new action and get new results!

3. Successful Businesswoman
Eden’s experience ranges from the start-up and sale of an innovative manufacturing company to the executive management of a 90 employee company, and includes ownership and partnership in several business ventures over the years. She has the real world knowledge of the challenges and opportunities audiences are dealing with every day.


Manage things, Lead People! The day to day demands of business require active management and a strong response to immediate needs of customers and team members. When we’re in that role of managing and responding to current pressures, it’s difficult to that often mean

Understanding the Generation. From Baby Boomers to Generation Y more and more business owners are looking for tips, tools and ideas on how to manage a team whose perspective is completely different from their own. This practical presentation on understanding and communicating across the generations gives business owners the tools they need to successfully lead in a challenging environment.

Your Company Culture. Company culture is a reality and as a leader you get to choose how your company culture will develop. Will it be accidental, shifting at the whim of your team? Or is it intentional, built around your values and goals for the business? Learn how company culture impacts profitability and performance in your business and how to create a high performing environment and attract the best people to your team.

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Our mission is to bring personal and financial success to your business, through the power of clarity and alignment in your employees, your bookkeeping and your procedures.

"Eden helped me live my best year ever after a complimentary coaching with me last fall. Eden truly gave me a fresh perspective, the confidence to move forward, and helped remove fear that was blocking me from asking for more and believing I am worth it.  I credit Eden with a life-changing moment in my business."

"Thank you Eden for everything you've done! We had a meeting this morning and it was amazing to look at what our staff were saying and their feedback on how everything is going today versus where we were six months ago."

"Eden Lovejoy offers exceptional qualities as a CEO including the capacity for team building - based not only on high-level communication skills including clarity, active listening, focus, and 360 feedback, but also on her ability to engender trust and cooperation in the people she works with. Other areas of particular expertise include her focus on planning, expansion, and the timely delivery of results. Eden is oriented to excellence in planning and outcomes. As a leader, her willingness and ability to bring order out of chaos is one of her most critical competencies. I recommend Eden Lovejoy without reservation."