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Generosity of Spirit

Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran said “For those business owners with generosity of spirit, return will always come, that’s a fact.”  That doesn’t mean that if you build it they will come, and it doesn’t mean that passion for what you do is enough. It doesn’t excuse us from the actions and responsibilities of being a business owner, but it does mean that the combination of business owner and generous spirit can be unstoppable.  I heard this quote from Barbara just the other day, and it really struck me, because I’d just been thinking that the one thing I am finding in common between my clients is a desire to give and to serve their community.

Whether it’s a web-site designer, an electrician, a personal care service or an accountant, there is a particular market or service or result for their customers that my client companies are passionate about.  It’s sometimes hidden behind policies and procedures, or held close by the company owner, but when you look for it, it’s there, and it is inspirational.

A huge part of what I do for people is help them to articulate clearly the “why” of their business, and the values that are real and personal to them in their company.  One of the most rewarding moments in my week is that moment where someone says “Wow, you really heard me” or “Yes, that’s what my business is about!” When we share those values and purpose with a company team, it’s equally rewarding to see employees grab a hold of those values and sink their teeth into a new way of working and investing and committing to the success of the business.

Clear leadership with integrity and commitment invites employees to completely support the dream of the company owner.  When that owner’s vision represents a generosity of spirit the motivation is huge.  The great gift for me is that my personal motivation, “to bring my clients personal freedom and financial success through the power of clarity and alignment” helps business owners and their employees discover a common goal, common strategies and common motivation, and everyone gets to be more successful.  I love what I do.  I love the people I get to work with, and I love the potential of every business, especially those who see the world with a generous spirit.


Eden Lovejoy