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Stepping up to supervision is more than being good at the tasks of the team you are leading. A great supervisor will have knowledge across all fronts, from human resources to finance and from motivating employees to time management.

New leaders must develop these skills quickly, especially when they are promoted from within. In a small business, this learning curve is a special challenge. Finding the right information at the right time and understanding its implications takes time, and practice, and access to experience. Often the small business owner is overloaded already, and the extra compression of training a new supervisor is a burden.
If you have a new or somewhat new supervisor, or if your supervisors are having trouble motivating or leading your team, this is the perfect program to not only deliver information, but more importantly to internalize that information in the day to day mindset of your less experienced leaders.
The course format is a mix of live webinar interactions (every other week), reference and reading resources, one to one coaching and experience-based Q&A. The right candidate for this course is your mid-level supervisor, the person who is new to leadership and who is willing to step up and participate. The class is limited to 8-individuals and one outcome is to develop a cohort of supervisory peers so your young leaders can begin to develop a professional network of their own.

Topics will include:

  • Leadership vs Management
  • Responsibilities of the Supervisor
  • Delegating Effectively
  • Risk Awareness
  • Time Management
  • Understanding Personality Types
  • Performance Reviews
  • Performance Improvement
  • Hiring Right

Of course, all content will leverage the culture of the student’s company, teaching the participants how to use the framework of decision making in your business to inspire their team to greater productivity!