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Wondering what it means to hire a “Virtual GM”? It means having a General Manager on your team without the expense of a full-time executive level employee. A General Manager has the responsibility of getting your operating systems working most efficiently, and I do that work for you, with you and through your employee team.

Here’s how the process works when you are selected as a “Done for You” client:

  • I get to know you and what’s important to you as a business owner.
  • I draft foundational documents for your business that we’ll use to motivate your team.
  • I meet with your team and introduce them to the new environment they’ll be working in.
  • I interview your team to discover where inefficiencies are hiding.
  • I draft an organizational structure that makes sense for your team and finalize the plan with you.
  • I draft job descriptions for your team defining key performance metrics and level of authority.
  • I meet with your team and roll out the job descriptions to set performance expectations.
  • I support you in holding your team accountable to the new expectations.

That’s it! While I’m working with you, you’ll often hear me refer to “we” as I have become a member of your team, dedicated to your success. I’ll represent your goals to your team the same way a General Manager would advocate for and defend the goals of the business. You get over 25 years of GM experience focused on your company with dramatic results.

Like most small businesses,, Inc. has an interesting and evolutionary history. Incorporated in 2004 as Axis Management, Inc., the company was designed to provide founder Eden Lovejoy with a vehicle for testing her management and leadership philosophy in a competitive market. Shortly after formation, Eden had the opportunity to test her theories in a more direct environment, as General Manager of a 90 employee mechanical contracting company with five production divisions.

Having proved her systems and strategies in the field, Eden re-launched the business in 2010. The next three years were a laboratory environment of testing and practicing and discovering the right message to market mix for the service line. The challenge has always been: How do we take 25 years of proven general management experience and condense it down to a system of delivery with maximum return in the shortest amount of time for our clients?

Everything gelled in March of 2013 when the company was renamed, Inc. with a clear purpose: To transform business through the power of clarity and alignment. And a goal to change the national statistic on business success. We are dedicated to the idea that no small business should struggle or fail due to challenges with building their team. There are practical, effective and proven leadership strategies that can and will transform chaos into clarity in a very short amount of time, and we deliver those strategies to our clients. Every time.

I guarantee you will be satisfied with your team’s progress in under 90 days, or your money back. There’s no risk to you, only opportunity, so let’s get started!