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The founder of, Eden Lovejoy has lived a most unusual life, a life that has trained her to think around corners and connect with the widest range of perspectives.

Eden Lovejoy, Virtual GM

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Eden’s mom was a seeker and before she graduated high school Eden had experienced a broad range of philosophies, world views and educational environments. From traditional religion to transcendental meditation, from a boarding school where she raised own meat and vegetables to a five-week tour around the county with a “mobile school” Eden’s story is one of exploration and discovery.

Graduating from a small private school that taught student HOW to think, not WHAT to think, Eden wasn’t quite ready to go straight to college; not until she knew what her true purpose was. At 18, Eden moved from San Francisco to Homer, Alaska. After a few years living the Alaska lifestyle hauling water, heating her home with a wood stove and marketing coal picked up off the beach for a living, Eden’s interest in small business development evolved.

Working her way through school Eden graduated summa cum laude from the top rated university in Alaska. While still in school, Eden wrote a business plan and obtained funding for a start-up wood products manufacturing company and published the first edition of Alaska’s Small Business Resource Directory, with 10,000 copies distributed around the state.

Recognized as one of Alaska’s “Top 40 Under 40” in 1998, Eden has participated in many endeavors including marketing and funding acquisition for several innovative start-ups, founding a construction trade association and apprentice training program and managing a mechanical contracting company with five divisions and 90 employees. In 2010, Eden returned to her roots and her original entrepreneurial vision. Eden launched with a mission to serve the broadest base of small business owners and entrepreneurs possible. To date, she has served as a Virtual GM for over 50 clients from Alaska to New Jersey and her enthusiasm for the work has only grown.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by your business, stuck in the day to day drama of customer and employee needs, or just craving a clear voice to brainstorm ideas with, you have found the right place, and the right person to take your business to the next level!

Company History

Like most small businesses,, Inc. has an interesting and evolutionary history. Incorporated in 2004 as Axis Management, Inc., the company was designed to provide founder Eden Lovejoy with a vehicle for testing her management and leadership philosophy in a competitive market. Shortly after formation, Eden had the opportunity to test her theories in a more direct environment, as General Manager of a 90 employee mechanical contracting company with five production divisions.

Having proved her systems and strategies in the field, Eden re-launched the business in 2010. The next three years were a laboratory environment of testing and practicing and discovering the right message to market mix for the service line. The challenge has always been: How do we take 25 years of proven general management experience and condense it down to a system of delivery with maximum return in the shortest amount of time for our clients?

Everything gelled in March of 2013 when the company was renamed, Inc. with a clear purpose: To transform business through the power of clarity and alignment. And a goal to change the national statistic on business success. We are dedicated to the idea that no small business should struggle or fail due to challenges with building their team. There are practical, effective and proven leadership strategies that can and will transform chaos into clarity in a very short amount of time, and we deliver those strategies to our clients. Every time.

Mission and Values

To transform business through the power of clarity and alignment – Changing the national statistic on business success.

Clarity: For our company and our clients the foundation for success is a clear articulation of mission, vision and values. When we are clear on who we are, we will attract the right team, the right clients and the right business model to support our lifestyle.

Alignment: We consistently align our words and actions with our mission, vision and values. We use these foundations as a framework for decision making and as an agreement in how we will work with each other and with our clients.

Productivity: Productivity is a result of trust, delegation and a clear understanding of each person’s role in an organization. We operate effectively in every area of our business and model for our clients the great value of each person working “in their wheelhouse.”

Autonomy: We recognize that employment is a choice and every person has the right to choose the company and the role that best suits them. We will honor all individuals in their choices and give them authority to match the responsibilities of their role.

Courage: Adherence to our values demands the willingness to tell the truth and to stay in difficult conversations. Courage is one of our highest values at, Inc.

Adventure: We think big, dream big and go big! Life is an adventure and we step into it fully and completely, enjoying every moment of the journey.

Laughter: Life is too short to take too seriously. We enjoy the journey and laugh along the way!