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Top 3 reasons Business Event Coordinators love booking Eden Lovejoy!

1. Dynamic speaker
Your audience will Laugh, Learn and Be Inspired!

2. A Life-Changing Message
Eden’s great gift is the ability to deliver an idea or concept in a way that resonates with the audience – motivating and empowering others to take new action and get new results!

3. Successful Businesswoman
Eden’s experience ranges from the start-up and sale of an innovative manufacturing company to the executive management of a 90 employee company, and includes ownership and partnership in several business ventures over the years. She has the real world knowledge of the challenges and opportunities audiences are dealing with every day.

Keynote Topics

Manage things, Lead People! Traditional management strategies are failing small business owners every day. This engaging keynote presentation inspires attendees to move out of management and into leadership with their teams. From understanding the diverse strength of various leadership styles to recognizing day to day leadership opportunities this talk is designed to deliver a personal “ah ha!” moment to everyone in the room.

Understanding the Generation. From Baby Boomers to Generation Y more and more business owners are looking for tips, tools and ideas on how to manage a team whose perspective is completely different from their own. This practical presentation on understanding and communicating across the generations gives business owners the tools they need to successfully lead in a challenging environment.

Your Company Culture. Company culture is a reality and as a leader you get to choose how your company culture will develop. Will it be accidental, shifting at the whim of your team? Or is it intentional, built around your values and goals for the business? Learn how company culture impacts profitability and performance in your business and how to create a high performing environment and attract the best people to your team.

Contact us to get more information on these and other available speaking topics!


Our Founder, Eden Lovejoy, is pleased to offer a variety of workshop topics in personal and team development, leadership and management performance. Eden’s ability to turn established ideas on their heads promises an engaging, exciting and educational experience no matter the topic chosen for your group. Some of the things we’ve heard about Eden’s talks are “Thank you, you’ve helped me to see this important relationship from a completely new perspective!” or “I could listen to her talk over and over again, it always feels fresh”. Eden is happy to custom design a workshop for your group, or deliver a workshop from a list of popular titles including Your Company Culture, Delegating Effectively, and Building the Right Team in Your Business.


Eden Lovejoy has worked with dozens of teams facilitating conversations ranging from process improvement to sensitive personality conflicts in the workplace. Every facilitation incorporates the mission, vision and values of the company or work-group, connecting participants with the goals of the organization. Whether your group is looking for a strong facilitator for your annual strategic planning, or you need a discreet and compassionate person to help you walk through a difficult conversation, consider Eden as your team facilitator.


Eden is a regular presenter at the Alaska Small Business Development Center, with workshops available in person and on-line. Here’s what attendees at these events have said about Eden’s presentations.

“I really appreciated the entire idea of how to communicate with my employees and the foundation of how to determine roles. This is one of the most useful and relevant classes I’ve taken at the SBDC. It stands to greatly change my approach to the owner/employee dynamic.”

“Eden provided a clear picture of the delegating problem and solutions, context and reasons, as well as examples. Eden materials and knowledge based on real, similar cases to our everyday situations have proven to be highly valuable the very same moment we go back to our daily activities at the company.”

“I liked how Eden took the time to relate her experiences to my specific situation. That was most helpful! It was great to hear ideas and perspective from someone with so much experience. Thank you!”