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Employees perform better when the owner of the company keeps the team thinking about the business mission, the end result that contributes in some small or large way to the betterment of our world and the people in it.

Traditional management strategies rely on the belief that there are “things you just do” and “things that are right.” Unfortunately, workers, today do not have any of those beliefs hardwired into their psyches. The 21st Century employee has grown up in an environment where everything is questioned. No image can be trusted not to have been photo-shopped. No authority is without question. No trend can be relied on to demonstrate the best product or service. And to top it all off, these workers have grown up with the hardwired belief that their contribution is equal in value to that of anyone else, no matter their level of experience. So, how do we manage in this new environment? First, we recognize several key truths:

  • People want to do well – they do not leave the house wondering how they can screw up today.
  • You can no longer regulate people into right action, you must inspire them to perform.
  • The structure of strong team dynamics is intentional. It does not happen well by accident.
  • A failure in your team performance is a leadership failure – and that is good news (because you can do something about it)!

This simple framework for success is one that gives everyone in the organization the tools to make the right decisions, the desire to act in the best interest of the business and a clear focus on achievable goals. We have a proven system for creating intentional culture, setting clear lines of communication and getting your team working together more productively – and we do it all in under 90 days.

Millennial Management

Millennial Management is a system to achieve a business owner’s vision through the contribution of their team. Why call it Millennial Management? Three reasons:

  • We need a new management strategy for the current business environment. Old, established ideas like the E-Myth aren’t working.
  • We need to lead the Millennial generation, and many business owners struggle with translating their business needs into Millennial thinking.
  • There’s much to be learned from the Millennial generation; lessons about flexibility, open mindedness and the motivation of the human spirit.

Millennial Management offers a modern framework for building high performing teams that is simple to understand and quick to implement. Putting this framework in place has proven to change company culture in under 90 days. Even better, we do the work for you and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Business Management Consulting

Having a Virtual GM is a more efficient way to get you the results you’re looking for from a business management consultant. When you work with Eden Lovejoy and the team at, you’re getting an executive level member of your team who will learn your people, your processes, your goals and your priorities and who can and will do the work for you when that is your best option. We also keep in mind that sometimes outsourcing the work isn’t the best option.

We are small business experts dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, so we’re always looking at how and where you can leverage our contribution with the efforts of your team. We realize budgets are tight, cash flow is everything, and you have internal resources that may serve you better on some projects. Our goal is to build your supervisory line to get high performance from the front line, to give you the tools to get the best leadership from your supervisors, and to manage the work for you so you get the greatest ROI from your investment, every time.

Coaching and Training

Top performers in industry and sports have one thing in common- they are continually invested in learning. Are you? If you are actively engaged in improving your leadership skills, your company performance or your team dynamics, then an Executive Coaching package may be right for you.

Eden Lovejoy has over 25 years’ experience in business and has spent countless hours as a sounding board for individuals at all levels of business operations. Her greatest strength is her ability to sort through the details of a complex issue and communicate key components as a simple and clear decision point. Coaching is offered in various formats for owners and supervisors, in group settings or one to one and with or without education or training.

Discover the best option for your team!


“Our work with Eden Lovejoy brought our company out of a quagmire of undefined roles, dissatisfied employees, and disorganized processes to a business flow that is strategically driven with clarity of values, purpose, and roles which has directly improved our bottom line!”

“Before we started working with Eden it felt like every business system we tried to set up would revert to its original form. This basically looked like the owner and I doing a lot of the work we hired other people to do, working long hours and checking in even on vacation. Now after working with Eden, our team is solid and happy and functions through systems and processes. Now I get to focus on the really important business growth that I enjoy.”

“Before we met Eden Lovejoy we had invested in so many coaches and consulting packages we had gotten completely discouraged. It seemed like everyone else we worked with gave us more work to do without ever getting us to any results. In just under three months, we went from feeling overwhelmed and stressed by our employees to having a strong team who are driving sales, maintaining our equipment and contributing to our bottom line. Best of all? Eden created these tools for us and put them in our hands. This was fast, easy, and finally, we feel like we found true value for our investment in business coaching!”