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Are You Taking Your Own Advice?

Just because you make the rules, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to adhere to them like everyone else. You are not an exception to the rules you have handed out. If anything, you need to follow them to the letter to set an example that you are part of the same team you want your employees to be part of.

What do you think it makes your team feel like when you want them there on time, working by 8:00 am and you come strolling in 15-30 minutes later while sipping a coffee and still needing to put yourself together? It could mean different things to each person, and most likely none of them are very good.  If you make it a point to be there before you want your employees to be there – they will know you are serious.

That is just a simple example. Think of it in terms of your client market. They have deadlines and you want to make sure that your employees get work together beforehand so that it can be reviewed for accuracy and completeness. This goes the same for you as well. It does not mean that you put it off because you are busy and pull an all-night work session to complete a report that hasn’t been reviewed. Just because you are the boss – it doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes. Why make those mistakes because you feel you are an exception to your own rule?

Yes, you are the boss. Yes, you are busy. You have to step back and think that your employees see what you do and will most likely stay and take on the same work patterns, or leave to find different employment. What do you want to see happen?