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It’s lonely at the top. As a small business owner, you’ll understand this in a way few others can.

There are no peers inside your company, your friends can’t understand the pressure you’re under and you don’t want to burden your family with your frustrations and fears. Some days if feels like everyone just wants a piece of you, like you’re being beaten down by constant demands for your time and attention, and there’s no place to turn for support.

Imagine the feeling of knowing that you had a group of peers to share your frustrations and celebrations with… To generate new ideas for your business and to get the creative juices flowing as you brainstorm new strategies. To build a core group of relationships with people who understand your experience because they’re living it too.

Introducing the Business Roundtable

Join a group of select business owners whose companies employ no less than 5 and up to 100 employees, whose sales are established and who are not your competition. A place where you’ll be challenged to set and reach new goals for your business, to grow your own leadership skills and to get new ideas on how to motivate your team.

Roundtable conversation will be inspired by monthly topics like:

  • Planning Your Exit Strategy
  • Setting Goals for Your Team
  • Understanding Your Financials
  • Measuring Results
  • Developing Leaders
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Finding Balance

Each Roundtable is an investment in growing your business.

Building Business Relationships

You’ll bring your most important challenges to the table and get the full attention and energy of the group committed to brainstorming solutions and strategies. And you’ll learn from other people’s challenges every time. And even better, the support won’t end with the last Roundtable! As you get to know other business owners and their companies, you’ll build relationships that last well beyond the scheduled meetings.

On top of all the support and inspiration of the Roundtable you’ll get:

  • Curated monthly articles and information links delivered direct to your in-box!
  • And, as an extra added bonus, you’ll get a kick-off Strategic Goal Planning session. Set your goals for the Roundtable, map out your company objectives, plan your path to the next round of growth for your business, the possibilities are endless. You get to use the time for your top priorities whatever they may be.

Don’t miss this phenomenal opportunity to grow your company this year!
Say “Yes!” now and secure your spot!

My preferred method of investment is:

Subscribe to the Business Owner’s Roundtable in 9 easy installments of $297 per month.

Invest in the Business Owner’s Roundtable in a single payment of $2,405 and save 10%.