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Your Employees Need a Hero!

Employees need heroes to be fully engaged. Be the hero in your company!

I just read an article from 2013 predicting the action hero movie trend as a bubble about to burst.  But it’s still going strong, and do you know why?  The same reason that inspirational memes are all the rage on social media.  People want to be inspired.  They want to believe that there are heroes in the world and that everything is going to be ok.  The journey in American life today is a journey of uncertainty and people are looking for something to hold onto.  The hero myth that dates back to the earliest days of civilization is a story that sells and that people will grab onto.   And that’s a business opportunity.

The Impact of Employee Engagement

Your company will succeed when you have high employee engagement and low employee turnover. High employee engagement means every ounce of human energy you are investing in is dedicated to your business success and employees are contributing creatively, connecting emotionally and looking for ways to help the business succeed.  Low turnover means increased productivity, intuitive problem solving and the high performance that comes with experience.  It’s every business owner’s dream to have a stable team kicking the company into high gear. So how do you get your team where you want them, especially in challenging times like we’re now experiencing in Alaska?  Be a hero!

How to be a Hero

A hero is dedicated, passionate, fair and hard-working.  They never step back from a challenge, and they know what they stand for.  While all of those are also characteristics of business owners, very few owners actually let their team see and understand the framework of what they stand for, and so it just looks like

the owner is working hard for their own benefit and there’s a disconnect with the team; and that leads to low employee engagement.  So turn it around.  Let your team know what you stand for, what the mission is and what the values are. Be consistent in thought word and action to what you’ve said and quickly you will become the hero your team needs you to be.

Our Alaska economy is in for even more difficult times.  Employees are nervous and maybe you are too.  Engage your employees and leverage your payroll investment by getting the best creative contribution from your team to control costs, grow sales and fulfill your mission and your dream.

To engage your employees in high performance – be a hero!