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Somewhere between Chaos and Corporate

A thriving young business grows like a field of wildflowers, chaotic and colorful and rapidly expanding, exciting and fun, and eventually a bit of a jungle.  It’s hard for newcomers to find their way through the chaos, people aren’t sure which way to turn for support, and directions are confusing.   The business owner, aware of the strain caused by this dynamic growth, starts to plan for more organization, structure and direction an may have a tendency to over-correct.

I hear over and over again “I need policies and procedures, rules and regulations, to get this team performing.”  Sometimes I see drafts of handbooks and procedures that sound like they are straight out of an old organizational manual, dry and corporate and intimidating.  Somewhere between the chaos of rapid growth and the regulatory corporate environment lies the tone and strategy that represents you as a creativitybusiness owner.  Privately held companies have the opportunity to build high performance and contribution from their team through inspiration, motivation, clear agreements, accountability and delegation without getting corporate and distanced from their employees.

Find the sweet spot between chaos and corporate where rational and responsible meets relationship and reward.  That is the place where your company will attract high performing team members, where your customers will find the best quality of service and where you’ll look forward to coming in to your office each and every day.  To get started:

  • Identify the systems that MUST be specifically followed
  • Delegate a champion for documenting those systems
  • Establish a timeline for completing the project
  • Tie the importance of the projec to your team’s top goals

And of course, if this feels overwhelming, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 907-375-8777. We’d love to help!