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My Story

Eden SmilingI was asked recently (several times!) to share the story of why I do what I do; you know, why do I speak, coach, consult, teach, run a small business instead of taking a nice position as a General Manager or Executive somewhere.  The answer is really two answers, from two different sides of my personality that are happier when I’m doing what I do now.

First, I really don’t like not having the final word on business strategies for business that I’m running.  I’ve been a General Manager, and a non-profit President, and a Project Manager, and in the end I’ve always found that I had an idea, a direction or a dream that someone else had the final say on.  I’m great with that if it’s your business, but when it’s the business I’m leading, I get frustrated.  For me, the opportunity to discover what I can create, completely responsible for all of the results and outcomes, successes and failures, is important.  I want to be the master of my own destiny, and I want to be able to be of service to the greatest number of people and have the broadest reach possible.

The other part of my personality that is nourished by the business I am in is a true heart for service.  I have learned some tough lessons growing companies.  I’ve been characterized as abusive to my staff, and learned how to come from there to a place where the person who helped me grow out of my failed leadership strategies offered me the job of leading his team, putting the day to day operations of his company in my hands.

I’ve asked myself for years, how can I share with others what I’m truly good at?  And I am a general manager by craft, an executive who has overall responsibility for both the revenue and cost elements of a company’s income statement.  With and the 6 Simple Steps, I’ve found a way to translate everything I’ve learned into a system that transforms the lives of my clients, from company owners to field employees.  My dream is to share the tools I’ve developed with as many businesses as possible, to help transform small business of the 21st century into a place where everyone has the ability to be appreciated, to be productive and to know that they are contributing to something truly valuable.

Overall, I’m kind of an odd duck.  I like systems and structure and organizing things, and I absolutely love productivity. I love people, but I’m always pretty sure that we’ll have the most fun when we’re working on something or headed towards some type of result.  So, while I’m not much of a social butterfly, my heart is completely in my work and my focus is people.  I love to help more and more business owners each day in the pursuit of the company and the dreams that reflect their personalities.  Odd, or not.