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At, we are dedicated to your success!

We realize that some business owners are just looking for good information to implement themselves. If you’re a do it yourselfer, here are the tools and resources we use to implement high performance culture and strategy in our client companies.

High Performance Culture

Mission Statement Action Plan – A process for identifying a clear mission for your company.

Value Statement Action Plan – A map for identifying what is most important to you in how your business operates.

About Values – The power of values in motivating and engaging your team.

Vision Statement Action Plan – Dream big and motivate your team with a clear vision.

Management Tools

Strategic Goal Setting Action Plan – Celebrate success with your team and achieve your dreams with clear goals.

Project Planning Template – A simple tool for planning success of your top priority projects!

Evaluate! Action Plan – Prioritize your feedback loops to get started and get your team trained to give you the data  you need.

Leading People

Sample Org Chart– Clearly establish lines of communication to help everyone focus their efforts.

Sample Role Defintion – Let people be accountable for results with appropriate delegated authority to get best results.

Values Based Interview Questions – Discover the compatibility of your prospective team members with values based interviews.

Communication Tools

Choosing the Right Meeting Style for Your Team – From a quick huddle to a regular strategy session discover your best meeting option.

Increase Productivity Instantly! – Teach yourself and your team how to get the most out of every interaction.