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Your Vision – Right Sized for You

It’s wonderful to have a vision with far reach and tremendous impact.  It’s great to have a goal for rapid and impressive growth. It’s also wonderful to have a vision for a balanced life with a family focus and stable operations.  Isn’t it time we stop insisting that bigger is better?  I love this story about a fishing charter operator and the wealthy American in Mexico.shutterstock_131629985

So the American goes to Mexico on vacation and he decides he wants to go fishing. He finds a peasant who’s living in a little hut on the beach with his boat and they go out fishing for the day. They spent a great day on the water and the businessman comes back and says, “This is a fantastic business opportunity! I could sell this all day long. We can have a fleet of a hundred boats. We can have this whole business and we can market and we can make a ton of money.” And the villager says, “So that we could retire and live on the beach and go out fishing every day?” 

Whatever resonates with your heart, that’s what’s right for you.  At, our goal is to support business owners everywhere in fulfilling their own dreams – and the first step toward fulfilling those dreams is to really own the exact nature of the dream!