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You are at the Heart of Your Business Position

As a small business person, your unique style will set the framework for your company’s unique value proposition. You’ve invested your life, your energy, your vision and your family’s future in a dream for a reason. Because you believe that you can provide a better, or faster, or different service to a market or community that needs and wants what you have to offer. This business proposition is a direct result of your experiences in your life, the stories that have given you the perspective, skill and talent to recognize an opportunity.

In today’s environment of direct internet access into all of the details of a person’s back story, canned promotional materials and standard messaging are doomed to failure. It’s hard to believe, but the result of our access to tons and tons of data and messaging and content is that the unique quality that is you individually is what will light a fire in your market. The more we have access to, the more personal and individualized our marketing has to become.

So take a minute, reflect on your personal style and values. What is important to you in your business? Are you telling your customers that story, or are you working hard to be politically correct and professional looking? Are you willing to put yourself out there a bit and let people see into your message and motivation? Your story will resonate in a way that no polished presentation ever will, so take a look around. . . .are you being real in your marketing space? What would it look like if you were?