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Why we are here

Welcome to!

I’m so excited to launch this newest resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs and to bring you the information you are looking for to transform your business life. Key to our philosophy at is that energy, enthusiasm and success are a direct result of clear focus on an owner’s personal mission. When we are not taking action consistent with the true reason WHY we are in business, we quickly lose our excitement for business and shift into feeling overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated. I know, because I’ve recently experienced that “mission drift” for myself (just for a minute!) and been reminded that it is my first priority to remember why I am here and who I am here to serve.

My personal mission is to bring my clients personal freedom and financial success through the incredible power of clarity and alignment. All key systems in a healthy organization will have clarity of purpose and alignment to organizational goals. As we continue to build this site we know you will discover here a wealth of information that will help you bring your leadership focus and habits, your team dynamics, your business systems and your mission and vision for your business into alignment – helping you to Live the Life You Want, Running the Business You Love.